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A phenomenon is occuring within the field of Reconstructive and Restorative Dentistry. Today’s rapid advancements in equipment, technologies, materials and highly specialized training has established a new realm of dental possibilities.

Dr. Sanderson’s Drama in Dentistry

Dr. Sanderson, his staff and his facilities offer true state of the art resources and significant artistic perspective to restore or reconstruct a complete dental extreme makeover. The Perfect Smile. Every conceivable dental procedure and artistic application of it is used to produce the desired effect and dazzle for the patient.

Restorative dentistry can involve a few specific procedures and materials to produce results in a matter of hours or a few days. Reconstructive dentistry is typically more time and procedure intensive. Dr. Sanderson incorporates whatever procedures are required for the patient’s desired results.

The photo here represents a wide variety of dental problems. Severe staining, periodontal needs (gum tissue health), teeth grinding, chipped teeth, maligned teeth, uneven size of teeth and a smile line that seems to zig-zag.

A Makeover Dentist consults with the patient before and after the assessment process. Many patients usually have an idea of what they will “settle for” and what they would “really like.” Dr. Sanderson is able to produce almost any degree of the desired result.

Hard to believe… but here is the result of a multiple procedure cosmetic and occlusal makeover that was formulated by the patient and Dr. Sanderson. Name the procedure… it was performed. Computer imaging, multiple laser procedures for hard and soft tissue, hand crafted porcelain veneers, gum reshaping, porcelain crowns…. the list goes on and on. The perfection is quite dramatic.

Patient Satisfaction

The patient was quite pleased with her new smile. Working closely with the ceramist and patient and using state of the art dental technologies, Dr. Sanderson was successful in creating the ultimate goal of the patient.

Orthodontics – Extreme Makeover Dentistry – Plastic Surgery

Another example of Full Mouth Makeover Dentistry, this patient underwent Laser Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Plastic Surgery – combined over a longer time frame that produced very dramatic results.

TMJ problems, Dental Occlusion (dental bite) problems and the patients overall appearance were significantly improved.

Be sure to visit the link to see and read more details about this young lady’s history.

Busy lifestyles and business careers are known to interfere with everyone’s desire to maintain optimal dental health. It happens probably to everyone…at one time or other.
Learn how one patient, a successful businesswoman, wanted to not only restore her dental health but obtain a picture perfect smile.

She made the commitment to undergo reconstructive dentistry which would later be followed up by certain plastic surgery procedures in an effort to obtain the cosmetic outcome she had envisioned.

The dramatic effects of Dr. Sandersons’s use of multiple dental procedures combined with laser technology produced a cosmetic result that eliminated the patient’s perceived need for certain plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Sanderson is a regional and international consultant for the Dental Health Directory and Library and routinely participates in the Ask The Dentist forum, providing answers and suggestions to perplexing dental needs.

Dental Laser Training is also provided by Dr. Sanderson to individual dentists and group practices, both nationally and internationally.

Contact Dr. Sanderson and his staff at (205) 453-4827 today to learn more about achieving whatever degree of functional and/or cosmetic result you are hoping for. Only by knowing what technologies are at hand can you appreciate what is possible.